Using the services of a Google Advertising Professional

          o Who are those associated with certified Google AdWords?
          o What is online advertising investment?
          o What is the Google search partner?
          o What is a certified partner of Google AdWords?
          o How I can select a certified partner of Google AdWords?
          o What are the filtering options of the search for partners?
          o How I can verify the certification status of a person or company?
          o What can you offer an associate certified Google AdWords?
          o How I can find someone to help me manage my AdWords account?
          o What does Qualified status?
          o How much do the services of a certified Google AdWords partner?
          o What happens if I change client managers?
          o How do I know my AdWords campaign is successful?
          o What does the credit my client manager applied to my account?

How much do the services of a certified Google AdWords partner?

Costs and billing associated with certification Google
After hiring the services of a professional, and billing costs will differ according to the agreement that provide for you and your manager. Google does not intervene in negotiations between clients and managers, and is not responsible for any agreements. Still, it is important to consider adequate service tariffs, the solvency to pay and how much you want to pay for the fees of the administrator. To protect yourself, we suggest that you not provide the information of credit card and pay by check or through a third party supplier.

Costs and Billing AdWords account
The cost of Google AdWords account are separate from the client manager and are billed separately. AdWords costs are based on cost per click (CPC), daily budget and ad performance. It is important to know the cost of your AdWords account before entering into a contractual relationship with a partner with Google certification. More information about the cost of your AdWords account . Or ask the certification associated with Google to explain the costs associated with the account before making any agreement.
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