Using the services of a Google Advertising Professional

          o Who are those associated with certified Google AdWords?
          o What is online advertising investment?
          o What is the Google search partner?
          o What is a certified partner of Google AdWords?
          o How I can select a certified partner of Google AdWords?
          o What are the filtering options of the search for partners?
          o How I can verify the certification status of a person or company?
          o What can you offer an associate certified Google AdWords?
          o How I can find someone to help me manage my AdWords account?
          o What does Qualified status?
          o How much do the services of a certified Google AdWords partner?
          o What happens if I change client managers?
          o How do I know my AdWords campaign is successful?
          o What does the credit my client manager applied to my account?

What are the filtering options of the search for partners?

When seeking the assistance of a professional or agency, the use of optional filters can reduce the group of professionals that match
your needs. If you use the Google search partners to locate a professional can make choices that help you find the right person to
help with your AdWords account. These options include:

    * AdWords Help Type: Enter the type of help you need and it will be easier to find a professional to focus on that area. For example,
      you may need  targeted assistance with setting up the account or you may prefer an account maintenance or ongoing
    * Additional services: in addition to managing AdWords, you may want to also give the provider of choice elsewhere in their
      marketing programs,
      this option lets you locate an agency that deals with such other areas as needed.
    * Budget: includes the amount of money you are willing to invest in online advertising. Some partners are specialized in a certain
      range accounts budget.
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