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          o Who are those associated with certified Google AdWords?
          o What is online advertising investment?
          o What is the Google search partner?
          o What is a certified partner of Google AdWords?
          o How I can select a certified partner of Google AdWords?
          o What are the filtering options of the search for partners?
          o How I can verify the certification status of a person or company?
          o What can you offer an associate certified Google AdWords?
          o How I can find someone to help me manage my AdWords account?
          o What does Qualified status?
          o How much do the services of a certified Google AdWords partner?
          o What happens if I change client managers?
          o How do I know my AdWords campaign is successful?
          o What does the credit my client manager applied to my account?

What is the Google search partner?

The Google Search Associates is a public list of certified partners with Google AdWords that have passed the qualification criteria through training and passing of examinations and also meet some requirements of practical experience. This tool can be used to locate suitable partners according to several criteria: experience, location and scope of services. By using the Google search partners should take into account:

    * The Google certification programs provide training and certify professionals on the recommended products and techniques so that they can
      manage and optimize the advertising programs through Google's advertising tools.
    * Professionals must meet certain terms and conditions. After rigorous testing and practical application, companies can use the badge associated
      with Google certification as an indication of having obtained such qualification.
    * Note if you see the label: if you get help to manage search programs, and assistance and expertise with the hiring of an associate with Google
      certification ensures a certain level of knowledge and experience.
    * Choosing the best candidate for their specific needs should be the result of review and compare professionals trained and certified by Google.

Google makes no promises or guarantees the performance or quality of any businesses or companies listed in search engine partners. The list order is based on professional experience in managing budgets similar to yours. The order may change over time as we add additional criteria to refine your results. Google does not
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What is Google Adwords?


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