Using the services of a Google Advertising Professional

          o Who are those associated with certified Google AdWords?
          o What is online advertising investment?
          o What is the Google search partner?
          o What is a certified partner of Google AdWords?
          o How I can select a certified partner of Google AdWords?
          o What are the filtering options of the search for partners?
          o How I can verify the certification status of a person or company?
          o What can you offer an associate certified Google AdWords?
          o How I can find someone to help me manage my AdWords account?
          o What does Qualified status?
          o How much do the services of a certified Google AdWords partner?
          o What happens if I change client managers?
          o How do I know my AdWords campaign is successful?
          o What does the credit my client manager applied to my account?

How I can select a certified partner of Google AdWords?

When looking for an appropriate professional to help you manage your account, you have to consider many considerations. Here we
suggest some areas for consideration when making the decision:

    * Verify that the account manager has obtained the qualification for having surpassed himself aptitude tests and knowledge.
      Companies can get certified for having associated with qualified individuals, so it is advisable to check that the person
      administering the account has the necessary expertise.
    * Try costs and price. The agencies can charge a variety of ways: make sure you understand how much is for Google for ads and how
      the agency for their fees. You can request copies of invoices for Google to make sure you are aware of how much the campaign costs
     relate to the costs of Google.
    * Understand the type and level of service provided. Can vary greatly depending on certain factors. Does the agency manage and
      optimize the time? Are they available for questions or visit in person or by email? Or are offering a more detached, setting only the
      campaign effectively and then abandoning it? Different people, different solutions: Make sure that the level of service offered is
      what you need for your account.
    * Ask if the company is willing to provide a clear view of your account.
    * Request a contract involving (Google can not interfere in such contracts).
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