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Directory Submission Services

Directory submission is a trusted link building technique which most of the online businesses resort to, to promote their business through enhancing their visibility across the web. There are umpteen numbers of directories that exist on the online platform where one can submit their website link so that it gets indexed in the major search results of the search engines. This has in fact been found to be a very reliable way in which one can submit their links and make utmost use and benefit from the Link building strategy.

Why use a directory submission service?

Even with my half dozen years of SEO experience I often have trouble choosing good directories. There are so many factors to consider that I have to use a number of sources to estimate the value of a submission. Here are some factors why submitting to a random free directory is a hit or miss proposition.
  • Many of the high PR free directories have not approved a free submission in years. Many of these hope to bait you into a paid featured listing.
  • Rather than create 1 quality directory, many owners start networks of dozens or even hundreds of directories. These directories are often hosted on the same host (same IP). My experience has shown that Google has little use for these networks.
  • Not all directories are SEO friendly. Some of the methods that prevent the passing of PageRank are hard to catch.
  • The work can be mind numbing. You time would be better spent creating good content for your site. The content will ultimately raise your search engine rankings.

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