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SEO Services

Keyword analysis

Keywords are phrases, which looks after your customer. Most of these consist of a 3-word phrase. It is useless when looking for keywords, which is not looking after your customer comes first. A keyword analysis is definitely the cornerstone of a successful marketing project. To find the important keywords, we start with a brainstorming session with you and our team. We can identify the target audience and the keywords that are related to your products. This list is of course complemented by our input and our research tools.

Competitive Analysis

It is very important to follow the actions of your competitors. The Competitive Analysis, we establish a basis for initial decisions and how to tackle your positions in the link building and content creation. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. This helps us develop strategic solutions to meet your competitors - whose weaknesses are your perspective. Then we can devote ourselves to their strengths.

Therefore, this analysis and ongoing monitoring competitor offers you the opportunity to improve your own performance and to beat the competition.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective marketing campaigns in general and is therefore a key competitive advantage. Similar results are possible through traditional marketing with a high financial cost.

Our SEO experts ensure both the placement of sites in each, even the highly competitive search terms, and the increase in visitor numbers for shops or portals - ask for our references!

You benefit from our attractive conditions! We specialize in search engine optimization since 2003. Our years of experience in the highly competitive environment, we have the know-how your site to relevant search terms to bring in the top 10 and there in the long run - even if your competition will, over the years more and more.

Our services include analysis of site and market, the detailed design of the optimization, instructions to customize the site, re-launch consulting and organic link building. The scale here is both the perspective of search engines as well as the user. Our goal is to achieve together with our customers the upper echelons of the organic search results.

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